Zoho Mail – Review

If you have to build a new email client, what sort of different feature can you think of?

Zoho Mail offers following features:zohomail

  • Configure multiple mail accounts to access all your personal and official mails from a single mail client.
  • Choose your preferred way of organizing mails using hierarchical folder and/or flat labels.
  • Mail conversations using Conversation View (i.e. threads).
  • Import Contacts from your Gmail and Yahoo accounts.

Zoho’s tabbed interface is quite similar to Yahoo Mail

and offers few new features like:

  • Setting Mail priority – though other email clients don’t support this feature, but is a much useful feature for businesses who are on Zoho.
  • International Language support – Apart from UTF-8, zoho mail also supports EUC-JP, EUC-KR etc.

Zoho mail, to me isn’t a consumer play – but is much needed for Zoho to be most relevant for it’s SMB play.

Feature request – support MX records delegation, in order for SMBs to use it as a self-service product.

What’s your take?

Aside, Yahoo! has launched rocketmail and ymail domains – early birds get id of their choice!

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