Zoho integrates with Yahoo and Google accounts

..and removes one major entry barrier to try out the product.zoho signin

This is a smart move by Zoho, since their end goal is not to get maximum number of users in their DB, but to increase the tryout numbers.

While Google has a strong integration with Gmail and successfully diverts the attachment traffic to it’s online office products, Zoho needs to find out a way for users to try out their apps

“We obviously want many users to try out and use our applications. Apart from that, we noticed that when users try Zoho, they prefer our apps to competition…

    1. Many users don’t prefer creating yet another account for yet another online app
    2. Users prefer Zoho to Competition when they try both (In case of the above poll, around 75% prefer Zoho)

Interesting insights.

The opened gates also binds to a few things Zoho team learnt after the Zoho Creator pricing “blunder”

While we provided a Free Edition in Zoho Creator, what we didn’t realize, of course, was the diversity of our user base in Zoho Creator, the most passionate & vocal among them called the pricing Zoho’s first strategic blunder. We had non-profits, independent developers, casual users and so on for whom the Free Edition wasn’t sufficient, and the pricing we announced was just not right

Signs of a smart startup? The one that is nimble and smart enough to realize their mistakes and quickly work on that.

What’s your opinion?

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