Internet is still not governed by intellects

And that has been proved time and again! Y! has released it’s top search queries in 2007 and like 2005 and 2006, Britney Spears is on everybody’s mind!

2006 top 10 searches were: Britney,WWE,Shakira,Jessica Simpson,Hilton,American Idol,Beyonce,Chris Brown,Pamela Anderson and Lindsay Lohan.

and 2007 saw people searching for: Britney Spears, WWE, Paris Hilton, Naruto, Beyonce, Lindsay Lohan, Rune Scape, Fantasy Football, Fergie, Jessica Alba


But I do wish that people were searching for more productive terms. I guess it goes to show that the Internet is not the intellectual hub that those of us who work in tech would like to think it is. But at least there is no shortage of cultural capital. [2006]

Do you agree?

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