What is the future of gaming: AI-first games that never end

What is the future of gaming: AI-first games that never end
What is the future of gaming: AI-first games that never end

I think one of the promises of generative agents is in elevating agents like the AI Agents from a warmup into the core game itself…Such an agent wouldn’t replace playing with humans but it would certainly be better than playing by yourself. – Jonathan Lai

Jonathan Lai, a16z General Partner, shares his vision for the future of gaming. He believes that by 2024, AI-first games will revolutionize the industry with never-ending gameplay, personalized characters and dynamically generated worlds created using neural networks.

Table of Contents

  1. Revolutionizing Gaming with AI
  2. Personalization through Generative AI
  3. Two Waves of AI Revolution in Gaming
  4. AI Companions Enhancing Gameplay Experiences
  5. Challenges in Business Model for AI-First Games
  6. A Balance Between Time and Cost
  7. Potential for Disruption in the Gaming Market
  8. AI Enhancing Community Building
  9. Human Interaction Remains Key
  10. Startups Likely to Lead Innovation
  11. Increased Popularity of Subscriptions
  12. Reimagining Game Genres with Generative AI

Revolutionizing Gaming with AI

AI-first games are seen as the future of the gaming industry.

These games will feature endless gameplay with personalized characters that captivate players.

The game worlds will be dynamically generated at runtime using neural networks, providing a unique and immersive experience for each player.

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Personalization through Generative AI

Generative AI is expected to enhance personalization in games.

It would allow players to create their desired avatars and have unique playthrough experiences.

This trend towards personalization is likely to increase in the coming years.