Top 100 InfoTech Companies Worldwide – only 6 from India

Businessweek has published a list of top 100 Infotech companies worldwide and is interesting to see Airtel topping the India list.

The ranking was done based on four criteria: shareholder return, return on equity, total revenues, and revenue growth.

Intersting excerpts:

  • US still has the highest number of companies, but the number has come down significantly since 2007 (33, in 2007 it was 43, 1998 – 75)
  • Amazon tops the list, followed by Apple and RIM.
  • Nokia stands at 8, Google at #11, Microsoft at 23, Y! Japan at 75 and Adobe secures 94th position
  • Airtel tops the India list (21), followed by Redington India(55), Reliance Communications(66), Wipro (74), Satyam (91), HCL Tech (95).

This is very interesting as the market pendulum is swinging away from the US and emerging markets are giving a tough competition to US companies.

What’s your opinion?

The entire list.

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