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Degrees and certificates are for n00bs. Grown ups got skills.

Let your skills do the talking

Globally, the economic scenario has taken a hit and many of talented professionals are facing the heat of it. If you are impacted by this economic situation (or you think you could possibly be), you have a help! 

While you are looking for the next gig, how about exploring a few mentorship opportunities? Of course, there is a hiring freeze from companies, the truth is that a lot of individuals as well as teams are looking for:

  • mentorship on specialized topics for individuals or for the teams.
  • consulting with skilled professionals.


The SEEK platform enables professionals to find mentorship opportunities. We aim to generate a steady flow of income to skilled professionals and most importantly, a great way to amplify one’s personal network and unlock new opportunities.

For companies, SEEK mentors provide a great way to accelerate their growth, without incurring fixed cost.

Get Started

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How does it work

Very simple. Share details of your skills and how you applied them in this form. 

Be specific. *The form takes around 8 mins to fill.

What happens once I share my details? nextbigwhat will put your profile (minus the private details like contact number etc) for companies/individuals to reach out to you for either – mentorship opportunities or consulting assignments. 

These are paid gigs (read the FAQs).

I am a company looking for consulting or mentorship for my team. How can I get access to this platform
Wait for July third week 

Apply for the SEEK Skill Program


Most frequent questions and answers
How will the mentorship work?

SEEK mentorship is a paid gig and unlike other platforms, we split the revenue (70:30) – 70% goes to the mentor . The mentor is ofcourse, welcomed to not take the money and instead allow us to donate it to a charity.

Is this a job board?

One more job board. We understand that there are lot of job boards out there, but they hardly serve the need for today’s time. A lot of professionals who are great at skills often lose out on job rat race due to their college degrees, geography etc.

We intend to change all of this with the platform, ensuring a fair playground for all.

What if the co hires the professional?

Ofcourse, such interactions can convert into a job offer – but the platform is largely about enabling discovery of skills. We don’t get involved in the process.

How is it different from Fiverr etc?

Very simple. We are enabling cos and individuals to look beyond a full time hiring process.

The world has changed, the situation has changed. We are reimaging the different opportunities that lies ahead for skilled professionals – across all levels and importantly, across all kind of skill sets.