Tata Group Invests in Solar Startup, Flisom

Tata Group has invested in solar startup, Flison (Flexible and lightweight solar modules) a Switzerland-based startup.

Flisom specializes in flexible and lightweight thin-film photovoltaic solar modules and is in the process of setting up a 5 MW pilot plant in Duebendorf, Switzerland for commercializing its breakthrough technology. The estimated cost is approximately 25 million Euros and in a phased approach, the company intends to scale up to over 100 Megawatt of annual capacity. These solar cells will provide electricity at ultra-low costs and will enter the mass market globally.

The plant will use Flisom’s Roll-to-roll manufacturing technology (allows continuous deposition of thin films onto flexible plastic substrates at high speeds) and develop high quality flexible solar cells which in turn will produce electricity at ultra-low cost.

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