Amazon is soon launching NFT initiative

  • An NFT initiative is expected for the spring from Amazon, which is launching a digital assets enterprise. Amazon has been courting major players in the market with its digital collectibles push.
  • Layer-1 blockchains, blockchain-based game businesses and developers, and digital asset exchanges are reportedly included among those entities.

North Korean hackers using 500 phishing domains to steal NFTs

In order to separate NFT investors from their NFTs, North Korean APT organisations have employed various tactics, such as fake websites impersonating various NFT-related platforms and projects.

Examples of these fraudulent websites include one that purports to be a World Cup initiative and others that imitate NFT marketplaces like OpenSea, X2Y2, and Rarible.

Donald Trump launches NFT collection at $99

On Trump’s Truth Social account, the so-called Donald Trump Digital Trading Card collection was released. A total of 45,000 NFTs will be created in the collection’s “initial” run, which will be minted on the Polygon blockchain.

A 1-on-1 Zoom call or an hour of golf with Trump are among the rewards available in a sweepstake connected to the collection debut.

TIMEX unveils $2,500 Bored Ape watches and matching NFTs

500 watches with prominent displays of the owner’s ape or mutant will be made available through a collaboration between TIMEX and the Bored Ape Yacht Club group.

Timepiece Forge Pass NFTs, which can be created for 2 ETH, or around $2,500, are now available for purchase. Customers who purchase the watch will be able to personalise it with a selection of cases, straps, and etchings.

Magic Eden, Polygon partner to accelerate the development of blockchain games

With the help of the expansion, Magic Eden will be able to support Polygon’s community of game designers and makers. “The integration will allow us to onboard more global brands and new users into the NFT marketplace,” said Magic Eden co-founder.

Some of the largest web3 game companies, including Ubisoft, Atari, Animoca Brands, Decentraland, and Sandbox, are housed on the Polygon network.

Toy company Mattel launches NFT marketplace

The first toy brand to enter the digital collectibles market, Mattel previously published Hot Wheels NFT Garage, which saw success in its first three iterations.

The Hot Wheels NFT Garage Series 4 release, which will be the first Mattel Digital Collectible to debut on the new market, is now scheduled for December 15.

Rockstar bans NFTs in GTA Online

Rockstar emphasised that community-driven servers cannot allow “commercial exploitation,” which prohibits players from trading in-game goods for real money, specifically calling out the sale of NFTs.

Although the GTA Online community may not now be concerned about NFTs, this at least establishes a precedent for Rockstar’s future online projects.

Sony files blockchain-related patent to track digital assets with NFTs

Sony applied for a patent in 2021 for a system that tracks digital assets in video games using blockchain technology—specifically NFTs. The patent was made public on November 10, 2022.

The patent would allow gamers to own unique in-game assets and collectibles from their favourite esports stars.

CR7 x Binance: Cristiano Ronaldo to launch NFT collection on Binance

Cristiano Ronaldo’s first NFT collection will be available on Friday, November 18 as part of an exclusive, multi-year partnership with Binance.

The inaugural Cristiano Ronaldo NFT collection will feature seven animated statues with four rarity levels. Each NFT statue depicts Ronaldo in an iconic moment from his life, from career-defining bicycle kicks to his childhood in Portugal.

The problem with NFTs

If someone pitches you on a “great” Web3 project, ask them if it requires buying or selling crypto to do what they say it does.

Facebook owner Meta dives into NFT digital collectibles craze

  • Meta will soon allow users to create and sell NFTs and display their NFTs on their social media profiles.
  • Meta rival Twitter is testing NFT showcasing capabilities, while Reddit has launched its own collection of NFT avatars.
  • The move comes after Meta chief executive Mark Zuckerberg last year said that NFTs could one day be wielded to support a market for digital goods in its planned metaverse, an avatar-filled world that the company is investing $10bn annually in building over the coming decade.


Virtual land sales in the metaverse dominated the NFT market

  • Data from industry metrics platform indicates that there has been more than $300 million in NFT sales over the past week.
  • The Sandbox traded a total volume of $70.5 million for 4,433 assets over the past week – making it the metaverse collection that raked in the most cash.
  • Over the past seven days, CryptoVoxels traded around $650,000 in volume for 81 assets; Somnium Space traded $492,000 for 40 assets; and SuperWorld traded $227,600 for 506 assets – all of their top trades were also for virtual land.


NFT music stages to disturb Spotify in 2022, predicted by Saxo Bank

  • As popular music streaming services like Spotify cut much of musicians’ revenues, new technologies like nonfungible tokens will likely help artists grab back their fair share, Saxo Bank predicted.
  • Saxo Bank cryptocurrency analyst Mads Eberhardt argued that mainstream music streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music take a substantial cut, which, together with the cut paid to labels, is some 75% or more of the total revenue.
  • At the time of writing, SPOT is trading at $229. In the meantime, Spotify’s revenues have been steadily growing over time, reflecting much potential for NFT-based music platforms to disrupt.


” Star Trek” creator’s signature is now the first “Living-Eco NFT” with DNA code

  • The signature of Star Trek producer Gene Roddenberry has gone boldly where no Nonfungible token has gone before – into the code for life itself.
  • On Tuesday, that signature was turned into an NFT and implanted into the DNA code of a living bacteria cell – 30 years after the sci-fi legend’s death.
  • Dr. Paul Predki was responsible for encoding the NFT’s digital data into a DNA sequence and then storing that DNA in a naturally self-replicating bacterial cell.


Vintage wines are being brought to the NFT market by a French startup.

  • One French startup is taking more of an ambitious approach with wine NFTs. In an exclusive interview , Samuel Balthazard and Yacin Kharroubi – CEO and chief product officer of World Wide Wines, respectively – discussed the logistics of making French wine available on the blockchain.
  • On your site, it says that each NFT will represent a different type of wine.
  • In the beginning, we wanted to show the wine’s vintage as an attribute, but vintage is too subjective and too difficult for customers to choose.


UAE’s postal operator issues first NFT stamps in the Middle East

  • The United Arab Emirates’ postal operator is issuing nonfungible token stamps to commemorate the federation’s 50th National Day, offering further evidence that digital collectibles are gaining mainstream appeal globally.
  • Emirates Post Group, or EPG for short, announced this week that it has become the first postal organization in the Middle East and North Africa to issue digital-collectible stamps.
  • The UAE has adopted a progressive attitude towards blockchain technology and digital assets, with local regulators pushing a slew of crypto-friendly regulations.