Micromax : Nuts, Bolts And Desperation?

Watch the video – clearly, the company is taking shots at Apple and several others. And look at the invitation below for its newly launched phone – which I believe is a make or break for the company.


Micromax : A Case Of Desperation?

Clearly, Micromax is shouting from the rooftop – Hey! Listen to me! I am a YUnicorn ! I make my own software. And hardware (seriously?). And whatever.

The reality?
Micromax is sort of sandwiched between the biggies and the smaller/unknown Chinese companies.

The big guys are growing bigger (Samsung has taken a good margin over Micromax) while smaller Chinese brands now occupy the majority of market share (infact this to grow in the coming days).

Micromax is stuck in the middle and this aggression in its campaigns is probably a result of what it is going through.

Nuts, Bolts And Desperation?

Take a look at the comments from people in that video – it shows up the value of YU brand and Micromax’s service quality.

Time for Micromax to fix a lot of things, rather than saying that its name doesn’t have a fruit in it !

Aside, here is a quick recap of few important updates from Micomax in the last few months:

Micromax Partners With TranServ and Visa; Brings Udio Wallet To Its Smartphones

Micromax, TranServ and Visa has announced a strategic partnership and  have signed a MoU which will utilize Micromax’s mobile devices to leverage Visa’s unique digital payments products and TranServ’s fin-tech capabilities to promote indigenous digital payment infrastructure.

Micromax users will be able to use mobile-based Push Payments using mVisa, seamless eCommerce payments, interpersonal payments to personal contacts and in the future mobile contactless payments in physical locations through NFC (near-field communications).

The payment solutions will soon be available to Micromax smartphone users through the Udio app.

Udio is a digital wallet allows consumers to shop using a Visa card number linked to the underlying prepaid wallet, wherever Visa is accepted, thereby making the same money available for both for the online and offline payment acceptance.

Vikas Jain, Co-Founder, Micromax said, “Micromax continues to invest for the convenience of its customers, over the years we have been investing time, effort and monies to create a digital experience for our consumers. We have successfully created the hardware, software and services ecosystem for enabling a seamless digital upgrade for our consumers. Digital payments is clearly an important part of our digital experience and services strategy and our partnership with Visa & TranServ further reinforces our commitment to make commerce easier through tight integration with popular services enabling lifestyle of our consumers. We are looking to provide an all pervasive payments layer to our services ecosystem enabling digitalization of the lifestyles of our consumers. With Visa, that has run similar innovation partnerships in other markets, we are excited to be one of the few partners to offer a unique experience to enable the Indian mobile payment ecosystem. Micromax consumers will henceforth enjoy a seamless and delightful digital experience across lifestyle categories like Hospitality, Travel, Healthcare, Entertainment, Ecommerce, money transfers, etc.”


Micromax CEO Vineet Taneja Quits

Micromax CEO Vineet Taneja has quit the company to pursue other interests.

Vineet Taneja had earlier worked with Samsung India and at Bharti Airtel before joining Micromax in July 2014.

The Gurgaon based company is the largest domestic phone maker in the country is and has maintained position No 2 in the market. It has also now become the third largest handset player in Russia.

Earlier, many senior level executives had quit the company. It is said that Vineet Taneja had clashes with the promoters namely Rahul Sharma, Rajesh Agarwal, Vikas Jai and Sumeet Kumar and could not implement his ideas.