Meta lifts Trump’s Facebook and Instagram ban after 2 years

  • After a two-year suspension, Meta will reinstate former president Trump’s Facebook and Instagram accounts “in the coming weeks.”
  • Following the attack on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, various social media sites, including Facebook, Twitter, and others, blocked Trump for violating their rules and out of concern for further incitement to violence.

Nobel laureate Paul Krugman says there’s no difference between Tesla and bitcoin

Paul Krugman said he wouldn’t trust Elon Musk to take care of his cat and compared the value of Tesla shares to that of bitcoin, stating that hype and faith underpin both assets’ values.

The economist argued that because Tesla doesn’t have large network effects, it isn’t worth as much as Apple, Microsoft, and other Big Tech businesses.

Amazon rescinds Indian man’s job offer after he reaches Canada

Indian engineer Arush Nagpal said, “I decided to move to Vancouver to join Canada, but my offer has been rescinded, after a long immigration process, just before my joining date post landing in Canada.”

Nagpal claimed that even though he spoke with his manager the day before relocating to Vancouver, he did not inform him of the sudden change.

Pakistan plans work from home to reduce power demand

  • Pakistan has announced a slew of austerity measures, including plans to shut down markets and shopping centers early and asking government employees to work from home to save energy costs amid an ongoing economic crisis.
  • The government estimates the austerity steps will reduce power demand by about 9,000 megawatts per day.

People are so disgusted with Elon that they are now canceling Tesla orders

Tesla owners are increasingly informing their loved ones, friends, and the world online that they no longer want to use Elon Musk’s services.

In response to the billionaire’s recent remarks, more than a dozen accounts have tweeted apparent cancellations for Tesla vehicles, frequently to jeering replies from Musk supporters.

IMDb now allows artists to remove age and demographic details

Any artist with an IMDb page can now claim their profile under the new rule and decide whether or not their age, birth year, given name, alternate names, and other demographic data appear on their profiles.

The actors’ organisation SAG-AFTRA feels that the regulation will prevent age-based discrimination even if the artists’ ages will continue to be displayed on websites like Wikipedia.