Microsoft Plans to Use ChatGPT to Control Robots

  • Microsoft has a partnership with OpenAI, the makers of ChatGPT.
  • Their next plan is to use ChatGPT to control robots.
  • This plan is in reference to the movie released in 1984, which was about genocidal AI-powered robots unleashed by a tech company.

Baidu to launch Ernie Bot chatbot in March

  • Baidu, a Chinese company well-known for its search engine and autonomous driving technology, is leading the effort to create a ChatGPT-like chatbot.
  • Ernie Bot chatbot will be completed for internal testing in March.
  • Ernie Bot chatbot will be made public after the internal testing is complete.

JPMorgan restricts use of AI-powered ChatGPT by staff

  • JPMorgan is currently restricting the use of AI-powered ChatGPT software.
  • The restriction applies to all employees across the firm.
  • The decision was not triggered by any specific incident, but is part of normal controls around third-party software.

Gab CEO calls AIs ‘satanic’ and suggests creating a Christian one

  • Andrew Torba, the CEO of far-right network Gab, wrote an article titled “Christians must enter the AI arms race.”
  • He called AIs like ChatGPT “satanic” and suggested creating a Christian one to fight back.
  • Torba advocated for the need to build AI for the glory of God.

IT Director Utilizes ChatGPT for Research, Expresses Surprise

  • An IT Director used ChatGPT for research after phone calls and Google searches were unsuccessful.
  • The IT Director was surprised by the results and stated that it “completely blew my mind.”
  • Generative AI is having real-life impacts on the workplace.
  • Critics have expressed concerns about ethics, plagiarism, and bias.