Roundup of new launches in Indian Internet space: SecondShaadi, Pinkvilla, Kyazoonga

Quite a happening day in the Indian Internet space – we had three launches but at the same time I am quite skeptical of these products, so treat this post as a FYI.
Started by Desimartini guys, secondshaadi is an attempt to provide a platform for individuals seeking remarriage. Though the idea has a potential in India, only time will tell how such sites fare in the future.

An online movie ticket booking service, Kyazoonga aims to cover all the multiplexes booking in major Indian cities. Very neat concept (somebody rightly said, web2.1 is about meta, meta and meta web!).
The service is currently available in all the major cities and I do expect KyaZoonga to get popular among the netizens. What I really like about the site is their “Kya” branding – KyaYaar, KyaChing (rechargeable membership card), KyaBoli.
Kyazoonga charges Rs. 10 per ticket, which is a fair amount to part with.
The site has a long way to go when it comes to usability (and content), but as long as they get the basics right, they have the eyeballs.

Competitors in this category: Multiplexes’ own booking channels (like pvrcinemas) and tele-booking services.

A social network, PinkVilla targets the most active blabbers in any network – Girls, girls and girls!
PinkVilla is purely a forum based network with focus on fashion,beauty tips, makeup, weight loss.
Their competitors in this category: IndiWo, StyleKandy, Sunsilk’s GangofGirls.

What do you think of these launches? Are they really worth talking about? I really don’t have much to say on these sites – they all seem to be half-hearted effort (maybe, except Kyazoonga) with no serious thought process.

I might be wrong. Tell me what do you think?

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