Reliance’s BIG plans is evident from the domains they have booked!

BigAdda: the social networking site

BigFlicks: DVD Rental site. Reliance’s first step will be to look at the DVD and VCD rental business, for which they are exploring the possibility of launching an online portal as well. [contentsutra]

RelianceMoney: Reliance Money has launched the world’s largest kiosk distribution network for securities trading.
Reliance Money plans to set up 10,000 kiosks across the country. Like ATMs, these machines will be placed in Reliance Money outlets and prominent locations. [source: DNA] Have got no idea on Chintee. Looks like it’s a game site for kids? [but why would they do that? They already have zapakkids!]. Might be a search engine [chintee crawls…]…bad joke..:)

I am wondering what are the other Internet products in pipeline? All said and done, Reliance is set to write new rules and another few years will see some major cut throat competition in the India Internet world.


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