QuarkRank : Defining next generation in online shopping

QuarkRank is a Delhi based startup (by IIT Bombay grads) that provides contextual information for making decisions at the point of purchase.quarkrank

In their own words:
“QuarkRank is an intelligent engine which crawls the web for opinions on various products/services and automatically summarize them feature-by-feature using its natural language processing technique. ”

Essentially, QuarkRank recommends products/services based on your preferences and aggregates reviews/opinions about the product across the Internet.

“QuarkRank tears apart millions of reviews and separates out useful information which will help online consumers as well as sellers.”
QuarkRank has released their APIs which can be used to access their repository of summarized reviews – an example is QuarkShop, which is a comparison engine and can be used to find product of your choice based on opinions across the Internet.


Here is how it works:
Say, you want to buy a cell phone. You can enter the relevant parameters that are important to you (camera/video..etc), choose the preferred brand and price range – and QuarkShop will suggest you a product with relevant content like

  • Top features
  • Worst features
  • Specifications
  • Reviews (data fetched from CNet review, amazon.com, epinions, pc mag, pricegrabber, newegg and circuitcity),
  • Price Comparison

You can also compare products – feature by feature, for e.g. iPod vs. Zune

QuarkRank is a self-funded startup and is started by Nakul Aggarwal and Ritesh Arora.

It won’t be wrong to say that QuarkRank is defining the next generation in online shopping – right from aggregating reviews/comparison across the www, to assissting customers in buying products.

What’s your take on QuarkRank? I am damn impressed!
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