Top Product Roadmap Tools for 2021: These will help you get things done

Product roadmap tools enable companies to manage their products, evaluate their life cycles as well as communicate the product’s goals and progress to their team members and management.

They tend to provide an overview of the different phases of a product getting developed. Moreover, they also let product managers track several products simultaneously, providing details such as product features, relevant goals, appropriate budget allocation, and project status indicators.

With work going remote and teams working from different locations, selecting the right product roadmap tools that will offer better collaboration is going to be very crucial.

Here is the list of top 10 product roadmap tools, curated for you.


Wrike is a cloud-based project roadmap platform for teams having more than 20 members. It is equipped with Gantt charts, calendars, workload view for resource management, custom dashboards, and real-time updates.

It also allows classifying your data via folders, and tasks while auto-assigning based on task statuses. Wrike suits a vast range of businesses, from finance and technology to advertising.


Starting Price-Free (up to 5 users)


Canny is another amazing product roadmap tool specially designed to help businesses collect as well as analyze insights from customers, plan roadmaps, and announce product updates. It also lets admins automatically link feedback to pre-existing user accounts, group similar requests together, and also, let customers vote in by adding them to private boards. 

Its features such as customizable branding, webhooks, API, idea management, public road-mapping offer users plenty of options to choose from. Additionally, on Canny, users can synchronize project updates across systems as and when required.


Starting price-$50/month (100 tracked users)


Cardboard is a wonderful solution suitable for businesses of all kinds. It comes with some really useful features such as a Kanban-style activity dashboard, as well as content import and export tools. 

On Cardboard, users can explore and visualize plans for their products, manage user experiences, and do a lot more. It also allows integrations with multiple third-party applications improving the ease of use.


Starting price-Free


Airfocus is a prioritization cum road-mapping tool that helps its users to decide their priorities and build more plausible roadmaps. It provides a superb SaaS platform for teams and product managers to make strategic decisions, communicate team priorities, and ultimately, provide more accountability.

Product managers use these templates to map their priorities on multidimensional charts beforehand visually, take a decision on what to work on, and easily drag-n-drop their decisions into roadmaps in minutes. 


Starting price-$24 (per month)


Craft is a cloud-based product roadmap tool designed for project teams in businesses of all sizes across several industries. It comes with exciting features like idea management, product mapping, version control, feedback collection, a chat module, and a lot more.

It helps users to customize workflows, track project progress, and prioritize with the help of scores as per your need. Craft is gaining in popularity immensely due to its seamless interface.

Starting price-$39/month (billed annually per user)


Are you looking for a product roadmap platform that not only supports businesses of all types but also lets you do survey designing and customer tracking simultaneously? Qualtrics is your answer. 

It comes with a simulation tool that assists product managers with pricing analysis and in doing product configuration. Team members can easily create buyer profiles, collect their feedback, and generate relevant reports. It has a system that allows you to evaluate, represent, and update data through charts and graphs.  


Starting price-Free is a very popular product roadmap tool that serves small to midsize businesses across various industries. It helps you to manage different projects and facilitates knowledge-sharing among your team members. offers a holistic environment for your product as it allows project members to communicate and create a huge knowledge base where you can share files, designs, and other specifications. It can also be integrated with various third-party applications such as Google Drive, Dropbox, MailChimp, and others.


Starting priceTotal ₹1800/month for 3 users (minimum) (Billed annually)


Quip is a product roadmap and task collaboration solution that help users work together cohesively and communicate without emails. On Quip, you can create and edit spreadsheets, documents, and checklists in the system.

It comes with a chat feature where users can create different chat rooms on different topics. Moreover, you can attach documents to chats, and the document will appear by the chat, so users can chat and view documents simultaneously without any trouble.


Starting price-$10/user/month (billed annually)


Portfoleon is a portfolio management cum product road-mapping cloud tool that brings roadmaps, backlogs, and strategy together to ensure alignment. It is focused on creating a simple and easy-to-use interface, which requires near-zero effort and keeps things up to date. 

Portfoleon boards support copy-paste from Excel, drag-and-drop, pivot tables, and other such familiar tools for your perusal. Furthermore, Portfoleon has a powerful core that supports transaction history as well as API integration.


Starting price-Free


Productboard gives you the ability to aggregate and classify large amounts of feedback while also giving you the option to club similar feedback and use it wisely. It also comes with permissions levels where you can share your roadmap with team members and let them suggest changes. 

It also contains helpful practice guides to improve your experience and let you focus on the task at hand. Productboard also comes with an awesome chatbox option to assist you if you hit a roadblock.


Starting price-$20/user/month