Orkut adds private communities

While Orkut/Google has faced tough times with Indian government over controversial groups/messages in the past, Google is now trying to shield all of such controversies by allowing users to talk whatever they want to, discuss whichever historical personality they want to discuss – just that now one can do it privately, i.e. by creating private groups.

Earlier Google added couple of privacy features like private pics/albums/scrapbook etc., and the newly added private groups/community will allow one to have private discussions/polls etc.

Interesting to note that while their competitors are opening up, Orkut is enabling users to stay a little ‘closed’?

Don’t you think that Orkut is taking away the fun of Orkutt-ing (i.e. serendipity)by adding loads of privacy features? Infact, over the past few weeks I have stopped Orkutting and am more FaceBook-ing!

And you?

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