Exclusive: OneIndia launches Hindi portal, ThatsHindi

Local content is on rise and after Josh18 (Network 18’s Hindi portal), OneIndia has launched it’s hindi portal – ThatsHindihindi

ThatsHindi has regular features as any portal (Bollywood/News/Astrology etc) and they have tied up with Click.in for the regional classifieds. Interestingly, Guruji powers their search and the section that I enjoyed the most is chutkula, which has good collection of hindi jokes.

What do you think of the regional language portal? Interestingly, I see many colleagues of mine reading regional news sites (esp. marathi and telugu), but I never felt the need for a pure hindi portal.

Am I the only one?

Here are a few stats on local content:

  • Only 41 per cent of India‚Äôs 30 million Internet users prefer to browse online in English
  • Only 37% of the current Net users come from the top 10 metros.
  • Google is the most preferred site for information search not only in English (75%) but also in other languages (74%)

[read the details of local content rise in India]

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