Printabz – Remote Printer Management Service for Enterprises

As enterprises look to reduce cost, office printing is still an unattended area and is often termed “the last great area of uncontrolled costs”.

Printabz, Bangalore based startup has launched it’s OEM agnostic remote printer management service that enables cartridge vendors to get real time information on customer’s printer machine status and potentially bring down the TCO to customers.

When a cartridge in any of Printabz’ client printers reaches 9%, Printabz Levels will send a mail to the recycler / vendor that “Cartridge in Printer model XVY in ABC Company has reached a low of 9%.” Then again at 5% a remainder will be mailed. (also a message will popup on the client’s desktop).

The vendor can log on to Printabz’ secure site and check cartridges level status in all the printers at clients where ‘Printabz Levels’ is installed. The real time updated information enables vendor to take appropriate action of sending additional cartridges and collecting the empties for refill / remanufacture.

The startup has also launched Printlogz, a solution for enterprises that will help them keep a check on number of prints fired by employees – companies can set quotas to control and prevent wasteful printing.

Overall, Printabz is solving a latent pain in enterprise market (indirect materials/costs are actually not taken so seriously, and that’s where a lot of ePro firms see an opportunity) and the best way for them to get traction would be to get embedded with procurement partners.

What’s your opinion?