Nokia Market Share in India Falling (Losing Out To Local Players)

Nokia losing market share is no big news, but its a big news when the story is happening in India or any other emerging market, where Nokia always had a strong hold.

We earlier shared a report by IDC India on the growth of mobile sales in India (for 2009) and some of the key numbers from the report were:

  • Nokia market share in India fell from 56.2% share in 2008 to 54.1% in 2009.
  • Local players have grabbed 17.5% market share [from 0.9%, a year back]
  • Only 5 local manufacturers in 2008 and the number stands at 28 now!
  • Samsung’s share rose marginally to 9.7% from 9.5%

Nothing much has changed in 2010 and here are the latest figures (comparison between ‘08-09 and ‘09-10, from Voice&Data)

  • Nokia market share dipped from 64% in ‘08-09 to 52.2% in ‘09-10.
  • Samsung gained the market share – 10% to 17.4% in ‘09-10.
  • LG’s market share increased marginally from 4.5% to 5.9%.
  • Losers include Sony Ericsson (market share fell from 6% to 3%), Motorola (3.5% to 1%), ZTE (5.6% to 1.9%).
  • Micromax has been one of the major winners, from nothing to 4.1% [drive by huge advertising during IPL].
  • Karbonn’s market share too increased to 3%  – via

As per Industry estimates, 108 million mobile phones were sold in the country in 2009-10, resulting in sales of Rs 27,000 crore as against Rs 25,910 crore during the previous year.

Nokia Market Share - The Writing is on the Wall
Nokia Market Share - The Writing is on the Wall

Nokia’s revenue too fell from Rs16,567 crore to Rs14,100 crore and the company is now betting big on services like messaging, life tools and digital music.

Quick snapshot of Nokia’s presence in India

In India, Nokia is betting big on life tools products even though the company seems to be losing the smartphone war.

We have been quite vocal in talking about the loss of strategy at Nokia and even though the above market share numbers need not be truly correct, the writing is on the wall.

Not just market share, Nokia is losing mind share too and is desperately looking for 1100 magic (Nokia enters Dual SIM Phone Market with C2).

What’s your take on Nokia? Is it ‘cool‘ to own a Nokia phone these days?

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