Podcast with Kavita Iyer, Founder of MingleBox

MingleBox is carving a niche in the Indian Social Networking scenario by focusing on the college crowd.
Here is presenting our podcast with Kavita Iyer, Founder of MingleBox.

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In this podcast, I discussed following questions with Kavita:

[On MingleBox]

  • How do you plan to use the recently raised $7mn funding from Sequoia?
  • Is it correct to say that Minglebox is aiming to be the Facebook of India? Facebook is gaining traction in the Indian market – how do you differentiate MingleBox from FaceBook?
  • Quite lately, India Internet has witnessed the rise of ‘hate communities‘. How do you guys manage such communities? Do you moderate communities/discussions, if needed?
  • Please share few of your insights on social networks – what do you think makes Indian community different from any other geography?
  • On FishEye deal – Could you give a sneak preview of what kind of promotion MingleBox will go for?

[On Entrepreneurship]

  • What’s your take on the rising salary levels in the Indian market? Companies like Riya have shut their office and others too are facing the heat.
  • Your tips to entrepreneurs (especially on raising the VC money)?

Candid questions get candid replies and I really appreciate Kavita for sharing her insights on Indian social network. She has very practical tips for entrepreneurs, especially on building the right team.

Do give this podcast a listen and please share your comments.

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