Micromax to Launch Mosquito Repellant Phone

Micromax started as a Nokia distributor and the company is now kicking Nokia’s a$$.

Micromax will launch a mosquito repellent phone in India that is designed to emit frequencies to repel mosquitoes, a phone that doubles up as a computer mouse, and a waterproof one (reports).

At Pluggd.in, we covered a mosquito repellant product called Mozziquit that consumes only 12V power.

Mozziquit is a light weight product and claims to be active within a hurdle free radius of 160 sq. ft and consumes only 12V power (works on battery as well). What’s interesting about the product is that it’s a lifetime investment (you don’t need to refill anything) by the individual/company and the operating cost per day is as low as 25 paise.

Looks like Micromax is understanding the pulse of the market, much better than Nokia!