Michael Jackson Death and Choking of Internet

Something reality in life are too hard to believe – Michael Jackson’s death is surely one.

The King of Pop died today and his death has caused a traffic furore on the Internet.

Michael Jackson - The King of Pop

– Google crashed in UK.

– Twitter too.

– Hitwise reports highest ever Internet traffic day in UK.

– Tiff @ Wikipedia over his death.

Saddest part about MJ’s death is the fact that he was all set for a comeback (his world tour was supposed to bag $400mn)

Jackson was motivated not just by financial gain or rehabilitating his career — though he had dug himself quite a hole in both areas over the years. More than that, Jackson was doing it for his three young kids and his wish for them to see him back on top of his game — more “King of Pop” than the “Wacko Jacko” the tabloids had branded him (with considerable justification) – source

Sad day for the musical world. May MJ’s RIP.

Too much expectation from Internet Service Companies?

MJ’s death has almost choked Internet and we couldn’t agree more with the following statement

The phenomenon also illustrates a growing problem for service providers, who are being asked, even in this down economy, to offer consumers more services and transmit heavier data, such as video, as well as next-generation voicemail and text-messaging, video sharing, conferencing and interactive voice response systems – and doing that across IP multimedia subsystem, NGN, 2G and 3G networks. – tmc

While Obama’s inaugaration ceremony was a timed event, are Internet companies under pressure to cope up with such untimely events?

What’s your take?

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