MeeboMe: Let your website/blog do the talking

Want to have a chat with your website visitor in real-time? Or enable them to talk to you, if they want to?
Get MeeboMe.

MeeboMe is a flash based widget that allows the user to place a chat widget on their site/blog.
MeeboMe comes from the house of Meebo – one of the coolest applications that provides the ability to logon to several instant messaging applications (Yahoo/AOL/MSN/Jabber) from the browser itself (no installation required).

How does MeeboMe works?
All you need to do is get your own widget and put that code in your site.
The site visitor will be shown as a contact in your meebo contact list.
If you want to have a chat with the visitor, simply open the IM session and get started (MeeboMe works the other way round too..i.e visitors too can initiate a chat).

What’s great about this product?
Meebo, till date was known as one-stop access for IM networks. The earlier avatar of Meebo was meant only to access the IM networks like Yahoo/MSN/AIM and Jabber.After succesfully piggybacking on these networks, Meebo is trying to create its own IM network and user base (and also enhacing its ecosystem).
The widget code is quite simple to install, and am sure lot of Myspace users and Bloggers will IM-enable their pageWhat’s not so great about the product?
One of the many alternatives to using Meebo is tagboards – which allows the visitor to leave messages on the site (and doesn’t support chat per-se, but is a good way to get visitors share their feedback).One of the most irritating thing about MeeboMe would be to see chat requests from website publishers popping-up here and then..(“Did you like my blog?”, “Special discount on Product X” etc..)

Generally speaking:
Will Meebo try to exploit the e-commerce sites too?
Although there are other products like Livechat/BoldChat etc, which operate in this space (i..e enable website visitors to chat with site support team; but not the other way round ), but there is definitely enough space for new players.

Or will Meebo try to cut across the social networks only and increase the adoption?

eBay has rejected MeeboMe widget, citing it as a violation of policy. More here

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