Manage your Gmail Contacts with MailBrowser

Picture this! You use GMail as your email communication channel, and frequently have to refer to mails exchanged between your friends or contacts. You wished that there were a far easier way to sift through those mails, or sift through the files shared between you and your contact. Enter MailBrowser ! Your answer to GMail Contact Management. In most aspects, MailBrowser is to GMail, what Xobni is to Outlook.

MailBrowser, a product by Indian startup webyog is a browser plugin and pulls a sidebar in your browser window. The biggest advantage is that you can configure multiple accounts, and it allows you offline access to your files and attachments as these get stored on your hard drive. It currently supports Firefox and Internet Explorer on Windows, although they are working towards supporting this on Chrome too. The complete set of features can be seen here.

Rohit Nadhani blogs that they moved from Outlook to Google Apps, and they were missing some critical plugins existing in Outlook, but didn’t want to go back to Outlook for that sake. 🙂

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