NetPrice – Manage your Advertising Spend

Netprice is a SP Jain incubated startup that recently launched a set of interactive tools that can assist large brands in checking the performance of their advertising spend.

The Tools also have ability to generate leads directly to the trade network on their mobile phones and track the conversions. Netprice offers 3 services:

  • OfferInfo: measures Ad efficiency of Media, and this tool can be particularly of a use to Mega Budget Advertisers, The tool can tell media buyers, which Media is working for them, is it the Radio, or Print, or TV, or Outdoor or Online giving them the best ROI.
  • NetSeller: end-to-end, customized and completely private labeled e-retailing storefront with integrated service platforms of Mobile, Wap and Web services for client Retailers
  • NetSell: NetSell is a Business to Business solution which can help fulfill the rural supply by using various technologies such as SMS, IVRS, etc.

Netprice’s sales pitch:

Our Tool once deployed will inform which Slot on Zee TV gave more business to the company, was it the 8PM slot v/s 5PM slot, and doing so it also tells which geographical region is having the most potential, i.e. when the ad was released on KBC – Star, is it Kanpur having more potential than Nagpur, and if Kanpur is having more
potential which area/location/pincode of Kanpur has most potential. etc. – all this in Real Time.

Performance based advertising is putting up a pressure on media companies and a few months back, Lintas and Pinstorm partnered for pay-for-performance initiative.

What’s your take on Netprice’s offerings?

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