Live coverage of presentation – Development Platform

Companies that participated in Development Platform

Britesoft Solutions (M) Sdn. Bhd
Product: Briteworks: a framework that enables users to create enterprise applications (design/develop/test) in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost of traditional development methods.
Looking for partners which can help them scale in US/Europe and other regions.

Pramati Technologies
Dekoh is a free software platform that bridges the gap between desktop and web, allows you to organize all of your media in one place, on your desktop—and share it with people you choose. Brings all web2.0 app/feature into the desktop (integrates with Google calendar, Flickr, Amazon etc). The products are monetized thru’ Dekoh network, SaaS apps and branded services of online apps (like recommendor service of Amazon).

Looking for product feedbacks, and looking for investment (have plans to fork Dekoh as a separate company)

Tekriti Software Private Limited
TekMedia is a set of reusable technology components that can be used to add rich media functionality to existing or new websites. One can embed video functionality in your
Smartly used the proto site skin and demoed the product capability.

An obvious qn: How is it diff. from YouTube?
Manish Dhingra: TechMedia is widget based tool from which you can upload the videos, unlike YouTube where one has to go to the site and then upload the videos. And TechMedia can be easily embedded/integrated with one’s social nets. As Manish says, you can create your own YouTube! Serves videos from Amazon’s S3 services,
The monetization will be done via subscription based model, SaaS services,

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