AdvocateKhoj – Find advocates and legal consultation online

AdvocateKhoj is a newly launched service that helps consumers find advocates to represent their legal need.

AdvocateKhoj communication platform bridges the gap between clients and advocates by providing an avenue for talk. Anyone who needs legal assistance can present a case “free of cost” on the portal without revealing his or her identity.

Then, member advocates decide whether to respond to user’s legal issue after reviewing the presented case. Once you get a reply from an advocate, you can view the advocate’s qualification and experience so that you can make an informed decision on which advocate to hire.

advocatekhoj process

The above pic clearly defines the entire process – one can post a case and lawyers enrolled with AdvocateKhoj can review these cases and send their replies to each client. The consumer can view the various responses, check lawyer’s background information, education and experience, and then make an informed decision on whom to engage for their case.

AdvocateKhoj networks lawyers from 250 locations in India and though the service is free for consumers, lawyers need to pay subscription charge to be part of the system.

Few Stats on Legal Cases in India

There are over three million cases pending in India’s 21 high courts and 26.3 million more cases pending in subordinate courts across the country. At the same time, there are almost a quarter million under-trials languishing in jails across the country.

According to the Bar Council of India, there are over one million lawyers in India and about 60,000 law graduates pass out every year from various colleges in India.[source]

The online consulting model for legal services is quite nascent in India, and AdvocateKhoj is definitely a great attempt to build a marketplace for legal services; surely is a startup to watch out for.

Microsoft is also trying it’s hands via

What’s your take on AdvocateKhoj?

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  1. I required information my case was filed under IPC sections though I belong to sc member can my case altered into sc st atrocity case by protest petition by filing a Petition in 2nd AFJM court

    1. My case filed under IPC sections 323,447,509,read 34.I belong to sc(mala) community and the caste abuse was during the crime of offence.though we gave a compliant to state sc,st commission,superintendent of police,national commission for scheduled castes,only statements were recorded under the directions of national commission scheduled that statements complianant said about caste abuse and the she belongs to sc community,whether her case can be altared into sc st atrocity case or filing a protest petition in 2nd AFJM court.

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