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Looks like all big shots of the Web 2.0 era are trying hard to monetize their reader base, and make as many $$s as possible (before the sun sets, i.e. the bubble bursts)

Started by Michael Arrington of TechCrunch (who, I believe was inspired from, now Problogger and GigaOm have embraced the *Nice Job Boards*

Here is a brief description of the three services:

Priced at $200 for 30 days listing, enables companies (mainly startups, but there are ads from Microsoft/Nokia too) to post their job listings. A peek into the number of job ads confirms the success of Crunchboard.
Launched on Aug 4th, the site has received close to 100 posts (i.e. 200,000$ in 20 days!).

In Michael’s own words:

“Our goal with CrunchBoard is to build the ultimate web insider’s network. A thirty day ad costs $200. I’ll consider CrunchBoard a success if we manage to put the right people together and make the entire ecosystem a little more efficient”.

The flip side of CrunchBoard is that it’s quite specific to SFO/Valley area and I haven’t really seen ads from other countries (innovative startups are spread across the world).

Positioned as a job posting site to help bloggers make money, ProBlogger’s job board is meant for companies who want to hire bloggers to promote their product/idea or even a blogger to find a co-blogger.

Priced at $100 per month, ProBlogger is uniquely placed in its market. They are trying to capture the interest of corporates/bloggers looking for (co)bloggers. But 100$, I guess is too much to ask for such a posting (only time will tell).

Om Malik, too joins the bandwagon of niche job boards with his announcement of GigaOmJobs. His unique value propostition?

“Though we are not the first, and certainly not the last, today we are throwing our hat in the ring, and introducing our Job Board, which is now live at We have smart readers, and many of them run smart companies or fund smart companies. Others are looking for smart jobs. I believe we can provide mediation.”

I hope Om leverages his Indian connections, and expands his job board footprint beyond the Sillicon Valley.

While there is enough room for these nice job companies, I hope that these job boards don’t end up becoming a commodity (i.e. I would hate it if services companies like IBM etc. start advertising on these sites! I am sure they won’t, but you never know!)

While web 2.0 is expanding beyond US, its really important that these job boards focus on emerging countries too (India/Israel/Australia etc..)

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