IndyaRocks launches Social Money

IndyaRocks has launched a cool way to reward it’s members users for their participation – Social Money.IndyaRocks

What is Social Money?
Social Money program awards IndyaRocks members for their day to day interaction with friends and family and it is also a way to reward user generated content (UGC).
As a member of Indyarocks you can start earning by sending and receiving FREE SMS messages or by uploading and watching videos at indyarocks.

How much can you earn?
There is no limit on how much money you can earn at Indyarocks. You can earn Rs. 0.10 for every SMS you receive and Rs. 0.05 for every SMS you send to your friends. Also you can earn Rs. 0.10 when some one watches a video uploaded by you and Rs. 0.05 when you watch someones video at Indyarocks.

Details here

I am actually impressed with their new look – slim and sexy. What do you think of IndyaRocks?

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