The Domain war – Rediff vs. BCCI

BCCI has filed a petition against Rediff seeking to restrain Rediff from using the domain name in an online cricket game (via).

What’s really funny is that Rediff is not at all involved with Indianfantasyleague, and they were just the domain registrars!


Has BCCI gone nuts? Or are they pissed of Indianfantasyleague’s punchline – “Fantasy is better than Asli” 😀

Don’t they know that domain registrar cannot be held responsible for name registrations? It’s done on a first-come-first-serve basis.

BCCI had earlier planned for a fantasy game (called Indianfantasyleague), and had acquired the proprietary rights in the said name, title and trademark – but forgot to register the domain!.

BCCI is asking for Rs. 10L compensation from Sandeep Goel, owner of Indianfantasyleague site.

What’er is the outcome of this battle, Indianfantasyleague is getting all the media attention – so enjoy till it lasts!

By the way, if you are a startup and don’t give a damn to trademark et al, read this interview “Should startups worry about Trademark?“.

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