Give’n’take: online bartering made damn easy

Give’n’Take, as the name specifies is a marketplace for trading anything and everything that you can.

As per the founders:

Give’n’ is the Web’s premier free, full-service bartering site. Unlike other similar bartering destinations, is the only one that provides a comprehensive range of categories that truly allows members to trade anything they have for anything they want, be it a product, a service or even cold, hard cash.

What’s really cool about GivenTake?

They have done an awesome job of connecting people who have something to part with and at the same time, they are looking for something to buy in exchange for the product.
Overall, the site is quite intuitive and one of the cool feature that needs a mention here is “Boot” – i.e. you can do a fair trade by adding/removing items in order to match the other’s expectation).


Trust – One of the areas where Giventake has to strongly work on is building the trust factors among serious users. So for e.g. if I am buying an electronic item (say, a phone), I need to somehow be assured that the item is in working condition; and for that site needs to take ownership to a certain extent.

Also, in order to gain adoption, they should plan to introduce “non-serious” items like eBooks/games etc.

Do give GivenTake a spin and share your comments.


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  1. This barter system sounds good, gives us an opportunity to go to our ancient days. But, do people actually intent to swap their own things with others? I don’t think so, because these days people do not think of buying a second hand things or used items.. I know some sites like & which follows the barter system, but still I’m confused about how they are benefited with this.

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