OrderMonger.com: Order food, groceries, car rentals..and more

ordermongerHyderabad based startup, OrderMonger provides web/phone based system for ordering food, flowers, car rentals, and groceries.

OrderMonger’s differentiation lies in their attempt to be the one-stop shop for customer orders. Unlike products like HungryBangalore, users of OrderMonger can order foods from multiple restaurants and to me, that’s a huge benefit!

In addition, OrderMonger also caters to services like flowers/car rentals and groceries. The site is well designed (though it has a web1.0 feel) and has implemented a very easy checkout process (select the items, enter your billing/shipping details, delivery time, contact details and that’s it!).

Here is a quick QnA with the OrderMonger team:

Being a operation intensive service, how do you manage your cost?
You are absolutely right about this being fairly operation intensive. However, we are really particular about providing an end-to-end solution for our customers. Where the vendor can take care of providing the complete service, we let them do it. We will take care of filling the gaps where necessary so the customers are taken care of. We have a lot of ideas on optimizing the resources and cost but we believe that we first need to provide relevant and outstanding service, get a lot of customers and earn their trust.

What’s your revenue model? Revenue sharing from restaurant/business owners?
We charge the same price that the restaurant charges so customers don’t see any difference. However, we get a % commission from the restaurants and we also charge a delivery fee from the customers.

Please tell us more about the corporate services you provide.
We provide Catering Solutions, Event Management, Corporate Gifts and Remembering Special Occasions mainly.

We have a number of caterers who have registered with us and we are able to find the right caterer for corporate for their daily lunches or for special parties. We also do event management for corporate outings to resorts or a whole day of games. As for corporate gifts, we can provide t-shirts, mugs, laptop bags and so on with company logo at attractive prices. We also take care of companies’ needs for Diwali and New Year’s Day gifts. A lot of the companies want to make their employees’ birthdays and company anniversaries special and we want to make it easier for them to do that.

Future plans? Moving to other cities beyond hyderabad?
Absolutely. We want to establish firmly in Hyderabad and get the expertise in handling the operations before moving to other cities. We already provide a few limited services to other cities for our corporate clients.Also, currently, our corporate services are done entirely by direct marketing but slowly, we will make all of these services available over the Internet.

If you are from Hyderabad, I urge you to give OrderMonger a spin and share your comments/feedbacks.
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