Don’t struggle anymore to land a job; Follow a simple 5-step process to get hired

If you’re struggling to land a job, read this:

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After reading thousands of resumes, I can tell you this:

They radically affect someone’s willingness to interview you.

Here’s the simple 5-step process I’d use to make a killer resume (and get hired)👇

1. Personal Brand

Your resume should position you as a unique asset.

The best ones include:

– Who you are
– What you do
– How do you work

Ex #1:

“I’m a web developer with extensive experience in wire-framing, encoding interactive websites, and mobile apps for the startup world with several remote teams who enjoys a fast-paced environment of the tech industry and being a part of pioneering teams.”

EX #2:

“I’m a detail-oriented and highly-motivated administrative professional with experience in the financial services sector.

Who can take the initiative, lead collaborative projects, and work seamlessly with colleagues.”

2. Highlights & Summary

Now that you’ve caught the employer’s attention—

It’s time to tell them WHY you’d be a great hire.

That’s where the summary section comes into play.

Ask yourself these two questions to help write your summary section:

a) How would you sum up your biz experience in 2-3 sentences?

b) What is the significant impact you’ve had in past jobs that would appeal to this future employer?

EX (pt. 1):

I’m a self-motivated and cheerful customer service professional with 2+ years of experience helping customers resolve product service issues.

EX (pt. 2):

I’m eager to support you in building an impeccable online reputation by providing top-class customer support.

In my last role, I received a 98.9% positive rating, where customer retention for my regular call-ins was 25% above the company average.

Not only does that say what you’re going to do for the biz.

It also backs it up w/ statistical evidence from your past experiences.

This makes you stand out from everyone who doesn’t know their actual impact.

3. Core Strengths & Skills

This one is pretty easy.

Just write out 10-15 skills & strengths you have that are relevant to the role you’re applying for.

The more specific you get, the better.


“Assessing the needs of customers.”

“Product innovation and design.”

“Full lifecycle recruiting expert.”

4. Past Experience

Here you want to extrapolate out the value you added to previous jobs.

This should focus on results—

NOT your responsibilities, tasks, or duties.


“Reduced churn from 12% to 8%, which added ~$3,000 in LTV per account.” (what you did)

“This was achieved through tracking & driving initiatives to improve those metrics.” (how you did it)

Notice how SPECIFIC this is.

Employers don’t want to know where and how long you worked there.

They’re looking for the exact impact you had on the organization.

The more you can quantify your results (and back them up), the better.

5. Education, Training, And Credentials

This is the hard evidence you have the skills to do the job.

Not everyone will have as many of these—

Because some people learn more from doing the job.

Just list what you have.

Here’s something a lot of people don’t know:

LinkedIn has continued education courses for multiple industries.

These allow you to get more certifications for your resume.

TLDR: The 5-step perfect resume

1. Personal Brand
2. Highlights & Summary
3. Core Strengths & Skills
4. Past Experience
5. Education, Training, Credentials

You can have the same skillset as somebody—

But if you can advertise yourself as someone who can drive results for future employers, you’ll never have to worry about finding a job again.

I hope this has proven helpful.

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