Cisco to give Interest-free Financing to SMBs

Photo of Cisco System Inc.

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Cisco is betting big on Indian story – after announcing it’s plans to lanch EOS (Entertainment Operating System), a tool to deliver multimedia content to online communities the company has announced interest free financing to Indian SMBs.

As part of its financial offerings for the SMBs Cisco had so far financed about 170 companies in India, for both networking products as well as services at an interest rate of 7 per cent per annum.

The company has now decided to offer zero per cent financing options for companies who for its professional and technological services.

A company going for the financing should avail of services worth $50,000 per annum [source]

This is quite a big deal, as deserving SMBs will be secured against price fluctuation and as part of the plan, Cisco will also take care of future upgrades on behalf of SMBs (really brave, since the tech typically follows Moore’s law and gets obsolete after 1.5-2 years)

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