Catch up with your network of Social Networks

So you are a complete social networker – use Gmail for Emailing your friends, enjoy Blogging, have a Flickr account, you are active in myspace too, and 24*7 you are seen chatting with your friends in Y!/GTalk.

Don’t you feel like as if you are suffering from identity crisis/multiple web personality disorder? I mean you will probably have different login ids for these sites and different name handles too. And you are supposed to remember all that! To add to the pity, your friends have to remember all your ids too!

Well, to your relief is a site called – It’s not a social network, nor is a wiki.
Its a simple application which helps you to manage your network of social networks.

How does it work?
At the core of FindMeOn is a web-badge system that is used to display links to your various identities and syndicate information onto them. acts as both an identity abstractor ( your identities point to unique links at, which then links them together as you wish — not to a central identity ) and a central management system.

In short, you can select the application handle/logins that you want to share with your friends and to display your complete identity, you just need to show up the badge.

The product has good reporting/statistical capabilities too – one can track how many people flipped between different sites and which of your web identities are more popular etc.

Pretty neat concept I must say. Now I can go ahead and start creating account for the cool new web 2.0 social networking sites and have my friends catch up with me.

How about you?

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