ByIndia’s $5 million sweepstake – Reality Check

First things first – I have no personal agenda against I wrote about them here and found their service to be almost useless.

Now I am surprised to see how ByIndia, instead of improving the quality of their product, is pimping the Indian Internet crowd with $5 million sweepstake.

Here is the $5 million deal – just register yourself with ByIndia. And thats it! You are eligible for the lucky draw.
Yes – 5 million dollar and all you’ve gotta do is register!

Wondering why is this so simple? Read the rules

  • The sweepstakes will end on December 31, 2007 or in the event of a winner, whichever comes first [which means 11 months to go – will you remember the sweepstake by then? I doubt that.]
  • The sweepstakes winner, if any, may receive a grand prize of $5,000,000 US (“Grand Prize”). The Grand Prize will be payable to the winner in equal annual installments of $125,000 US, without interest, for forty (40) years. Only one Grand Prize will be awarded…. Odds of winning the Grand Prize are 2,404,808,340 to 1.
  • For a list of prize winners please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to: SCAinteractive, 8300 Douglas Ave, 6th Floor, Dallas, TX 75225 RE: Sweepstakes Winners. Requests must be received by January 31, 2008.

Wow! – $5 million spread across 40 years!! and you will never know who won the sweepstake [unless it’s you] , till you send out a self-addressed envelope to their US address?

How fair and how real. I am delighted.

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