Barcamp Bangalore 6 – Back to Basics

bangalore barcamp

Bangalore Barcamp is scheduled for April 19th and 20th, and if you are a tech enthusiast, do make sure that you attend the BCB6.

Attend, even if you aren’t a tech enthusiast. It’s always fun to be at BCBs! This time, the focus is on increasing participation -so, for e.g. in order to register, you need to be either a speaker, a volunteer or suggest topics to discuss.

No more just listening and collecting free tees! 🙂

This is a welcome change from the earlier versions and I do look forward to couple of interesting talks like

  • Design logos in 20 mins.
  • Mobile apps for Indian market.
  • Developing with GWT
    …and lots of them

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to attend the first day (am out of Bangalore), but will surely be around on the second day.

If you are around, do call me on my cell – 98452 06443. Will surely love to meet you.


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