Automate your website testing with no code using this platform

DiffHub is a new platform that automates testing for websites in a WYSIWYG format, allowing even for non-coders to check for issues. Acting as a form of macros on the web, DiffHub lets users setup actions to be tested as part of flows that simulate real-world user scenarios i.e page submissions, menu usage, uploads etc. or even more complex sets.

Where this could prove to be really useful is in small teams via its test scheduling feature which can notify you of issues post-release when might you have a sizeable user base. The product is currently in private beta.

DiffHub makes it really easy to create automated tests for websites. It monitors website UI, helps you avoid those embarrassing situations when a minor change creates a big mess, spend less time on manual testing and more time doing the work you love.


Iasi, Romania

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