Atomic Ideas: Newsletter by Ashish Sinha

Atomic Ideas

The Atomic ideas newslettter brings you atomic ideas from the world’s best non-fiction books. Delivered every Wed and Sat.

Not book summary, but atomic ideas

Unlike products that summarizes books, we strongly believe that there are many atomic ideas hidden in the world’s best non-fiction books – and it’s time to surface them, making you ‘mini’ wiser. The atomic ideas you can instantly execute, start the work on – but are lost between full-book reads and summaries.

The Atomic Ideas newsletter brings you one atomic idea every newsletter, ensuring maximum learning retention without overwhelming you with any jargon-loaded gyaan.

Delivered every Wednesday and Saturday. 100% actionable.

Expect atomic, bite-sized diverse ideas on business, productivity, health, mental models and more – curated from 100s of books.

Who is behind this?
The newsletter is curated by Ashish Sinha, founder of NextBigWhat and will be delivered every Wed and Saturday.


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