ApnaCircle.com : Sabeer Bhatiya’s foray into Indian social networking space

One-time wonder Sabeer Bhatiya has done it again. This time he has launched a social networking site called ApnaCircle.

In the untapped social networking market in India, ApnaCircle stands out:

Apnacircle.com is an online social and professional networking site that is created to connect you with people, friends and even unknown acquaintances who live, work or stay around you. The social network of Apnacircle.com can help you maintain your known relationships with scraps, uploaded photos, customized messages and establish new relations by reaching out to people you’ve never met before.

Wow! I am excited to see pathbreaking features like scraps, photos and customized messages (how original and creative!).

Aren’t you excited about ApnaCircle? I am sooo excited!

PS: Sorry about being a little sarcastic, but I don’t understand the rationale behind all these social networking site. Why should one use that? Are we not meeting enough of strangers (i.e. mostly recruiters) through LinkedIn and old friends thru’ Orkut? Why apnacircle or teracircle?

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