All-Women-IIT? Do we really need it?

After the talks of new IITs and increasing the number of seats in the existing ones, HRD ministry is mulling over a proposal to setup an all women IIT, at Amravati near Nagpur .

The suggestion to start India’s first all-women IIT at Amravati near Nagpur in Vidarbha had in fact been mooted by Saint Gadgebaba University vice-chancellor Kamal Singh. Patil followed it up when she became the country’s first woman president last July.
Patil, concerned about fewer girl students making it to the IITs, personally talked to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and HRD Minister Arjun Singh about the proposal, which apparently led to the speedy progress in the matter. [source]

The decision is not yet out, but I will be damn surprised to see an all-women IIT.

The basic issue I have with govt.’s approach is their (probable) understanding that girls do not apply to IITs because of boys!

Well, such issues needs to be evaluated with bottoms-up approach, i.e. solve the decreasing female student number in schools/lower education – understand why they are quitting instead of pumping your vote bank.

What’s your opinion?

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