Adobe launches myFeedz, the social newspaper

Adobe, in its effort to explore the web2.0 space has launched myFeedz [what a cheesy web2.0 name!]

So what is myFeedz??

Well, to understand what is myFeedz, it’s important to understand what myFeedz is not::

  • It is not a feed reader.
  • It is not a bookmarking service.

So what is myFeedz?
Its a web app which basically reads RSS feeds, filters the noisy ones out, and present to you, the most relevant feed/news that you should read.

And how does it work?
myFeedz uses artificial intelligence techniques to show you personalized news about topics you are interested in.
Some of the ingredients used to determine an article’s importance are its publishing source, tags, popularity, overall rating, click-throughs, language and more. Your profile (tags, feeds and reading history) is also taken into account to determine how important an article is for you.

And how is it different from any RSS/feed reader?
Well, feed reader simply shows you the posts from your subscribed feeds. myFeedz will *attempt to* show you the most relevant feed/news.
Basically, an attempt to be a “pagerank” of feed world?

My take:
Any product which aims to guesstimate what I should read is not highly welcome.

At the end of the day, my life and feeds revolve beyond the well known bloggers/news sites; and I have subscribed to interesting feeds [which unfortunately aren’t that popular], and any AI/automated product will tend to filter out such feeds.

And isn’t web2.0 all about community based news [Digg?], and not about Mr. PC telling me what I should read!!
Am I missing something?

I will anyway give myFeedz a try and see how it fares w.r.t my requirements [i.e. interesting news/views and not necessarily from top bloggers/sites].
Any takers?

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