Build Desktop/Mobile Apps using Orkut Scraps, Albums [Java Client Library Launched]

Orkut has launched Java client library that access to read and update orkut’s social data. Using three-legged OAuth, you can get friends’ profile data, post and retrieve status and activity updates, read and write scraps, create and retrieve photo albums, and upload pictures.

Essentially, if you are building a social network (or need one’s social data), you need not scrape Orkut anymore – this library will help you with all the relevant data (and provides read/write access).

As a demonstration of the library, Orkut team has also created a demo app, FotoScrapr app, which we built on Google App Engine (and GWT interface).

The bigger question, however stands out – Are people really using Orkut these days? [see how Facebook is beating Orkut in India].

» Link to the library.

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