9 copywriting formulas that can help you sell millions

Copywriting is easy.

It’s even easier when you have the right formulas.

Here are the 9 copywriting formulas that have helped me sell millions:

#1. Problem – Agitate – Solve

P → Identify a problem

A → Agitate said problem

S → Give a solution

#2. Picture – Promise – Prove – Push

(This is my go-to formula for newsletters)

Picture → Paint an attention-grabbing picture (story)

Promise → Make your promise related to this picture

Prove → Add testimonials/ case studies as proof

Push → Push readers toward your CTA

#3. Features – Advantages – Benefits

Features → Talk about the “what” (what does your service include?)

Advantages → Talk about the “why” (why is your service useful?)

Benefits → Talk about the “what’s in it for you” factor

#4. Star – Story – Solution

Star → Introduce the main character of your story (this could be you too in case of personal branding)

Story → Elaborate on the story

Solution → Show how the Star won (and pitch a related service/ product)

#5. Awareness – Comprehension – Conviction – Action

Awareness → Create awareness of the problem

Comprehension → Explain the consequences of the problem and pitch your solution

Conviction → Convince your reader to try out your solution

Action → CTA

#6. The 6+1 Model

1. Context → Start with a strong hook
2. Attention → Grab your reader’s attention
3. Desire → Show them what they’re missing
4. The gap → Show how you help overcome the gap between reality & dreams
5. Solution → Pitch your solution
6. CTA

#7. Before – After – Bridge

Before → Life with the pain points

After → Life after solving the pain points

Bridge → The “how” – aka, your product

(I use this strategy in sales calls too.)

#8. Star – Chain – Hook

Star → Talk about your offer
Chain → Keep the copy going by creating a chain of facts, case studies, testimonials, etc
Hook → CTA
+1: Credibility → Add testimonials & case studies

#9. The 4 U’s

Useful → Have something of value

Urgent → Create a sense of urgency

Unique → Showcase the USP of your product/ service

Ultra-specific → Be ultra-specific with the first three U’s.

That’s all from me — comment which formula you’ll try out first.

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