2007 milestones: Tata’s supercomputer, Corus acquisition and the Global Dream

In 2007, Tatas played a big role in shaping India 2.0 – oh well, they didn’t built any cool web2.0 site, neither they talked about web3.0.tata

But here are a few milestone events that will secure an eminent place for India in the future:

  • How many of you know that Tatas built Asia’s fastest and world’s fourth fastest Supercomputer?”The supercomputer “EKA”, which means number one in Sanskrit, was named Asia’s fastest and the world’s fourth fastest in the Top 500 Supercomputer list announced at an International Conference for High Performance Computing at Reno (California), USA” [link]

This is a milestone event just for one BIG reason – drastically increases the computing power, which can be leveraged in research areas – right from quantum physics, weather and climate research to simulation of aircraft in wind tunnels and detonation of nuclear weapons. Most importantly, a private company building a supercomputer has it’s own advantage – apart from research, they will also focus on leveraging these innovations to reach out to the BoP (and monetize via other services)

  • Corus acquisition
    Surely the big bang acquisition of all times (and among the top 10 business deals of 2007), Tata’s $11.3 bn Corus acquisition was a milestone event for India Inc and was a clear announcement of India Inc. going loud and aggressive in the world marketplace.”Ah, the delicious irony, as the Tata family conglomerate, India’s steel giant, buys the Anglo-Dutch firm that includes the remnants of British Steel at one time, a symbol of Britain’s imperial might” [source]
  • Jaguar acquisition (if the deal goes through)
    Corus deal was more of an expansion deal, but Jaguar is a strategic deal for Tatas. Apart from buying the luxury brands, Tatas will have an access to their well oiled distribution network which can be leveraged to sell other products. And that will enable Tatas to expand as well as sell their products to the global market.”If the acquisition swings in favor of Tata Motors, it would surely add to the national pride of many Indians. They see buyouts like these boosting India’s image abroad — the excitement often gets amplified when the acquisition target is in Britain, which ruled this country for two centuries.” [iht]

Well, what if India gets only 10% of FDI investment as China’s? Tata group is surely planning to reach out to the world and as Time puts it

India’s companies appear to have decided that if the world won’t come to India, they’ll go to the world.”

What’s your take?

By the way, the much awaited 1-lakh car will be launched in 2008

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